We're thrilled to announce the offer of a Design Commission worth $1,000 for a local Aboriginal artist to design and develop a logo for Burraja Arts – Aboriginal Artists Enterprise.

What is Burraja Arts?
Burraja Arts is a retail shop front for the sale of local Aboriginal artworks providing a space to sell local artworks, exhibitions, workshops, storytelling and host Artist in Residence programs.

Project Vision
The logo should reflect the open and welcoming feel of Burraja Arts as a home for Aboriginal Art and Culture in our region. The logo should reflect Burraja Arts as:

  •  A place with community at its heart
  •  A space for learning and sharing
  •  A shared journey – for both Murray Arts and Burraja Arts 

Download the Burraja Arts Design Commission application form HERE

STAGE 1 Design Workshop
10am Thursday 25 August 2016
Interested Aboriginal artists are strongly encouraged to attend a Design Workshop with high profile graphic designer Megan Zawertalio, of MZ Design. The workshop will cover key aspects of the Design Process.

STAGE 2 Design Commission worth $1000

Entries due: Monday 19 September 2016
We're inviting artists to design a logo concept for Burraja Arts. Each logo will be assessed by a panel with one concept selected and awarded a Design Commission of $1,000.

STAGE 3 Design Mentorship

September/October 2016: dates to be negotiated
The successful artist of the Burraja Arts Logo Design Commission will undertake a Design Mentorship with Megan Zawertalio to develop their logo concept further.

Contact us on P: 02 6021 5034  E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Burraja Arts Design Commission and Mentorship has been made possible with support from Border Trust and Charles Sturt University through the Community University Partnerships Program.