Murray Arts asks the vital stats on:

Vegemite or Honey Vegemite, thinly spread on hot buttered toast, mmmmmmm.

Sunset or Sunrise  Sunset when at home as I can watch it through the lounge room window & Sunrise when out bush camping, sitting there just waiting for the sun to rise and hitting you in the face, listening and watching all the animals and nature.

Melbourne or Sydney Neither, but if I had to pick it would be Melbourne but I love the country life.

Local Inspiration What inspired you to move to the North East region?

I was drawn to the north east region mainly for support from, and for family. Wodonga was a lot smaller when we originally moved here and ideally I would love to live on a small property just out of town. This region has such a diverse range of landscapes and people which I can draw inspiration from. I enjoy sitting by the Murray River and going out to places like, Mt Pilot national park, the woolshed falls area and Mungabareena reserve.

The Working Life What are your top 3 tips for someone dreaming of a career in the arts?

1. Don't give up. I believe there is no such thing as failing in art, only learning
2. Don't under estimate your work, each artist is unique in their own way and we shouldn't compare ourselves to other artists.
3. Draw inspiration from everywhere and everyone, the smallest story can turn into the greatest art.

Money no object, what would be your dream project?
I would invite artists from all over the country and the world to work on and add their own style to a giant multicultural massive piece of work or mural. I think it would show that we can all work together and focus on one goal no matter who you are of where you are from.

Mick Bogie

Mick Bogie is a proud Wiradjuri man, who grew up in the small rural town of Corowa on the Murray River. Mick is working as an Aboriginal prison officer and Aboriginal support officer at the Beechworth Correctional Centre, where he supports, works and mentors Aboriginal inmates with their rehabilitation needs. Mick is a self-taught artist and discovered his passion for art and the stories told when researching more about his Aboriginal heritage using the internet, social media, books, local Aboriginal Elders and community members and services.

I am a self-taught artist and discovered my passion for art and the stories that are told through art by researching more about my Aboriginal heritage using the internet, social media, books, local Aboriginal Elders, as well as other community members and services.
I am still learning and what I have learnt I am passing on to my children and will continue to as I learn more. I mainly use acrylic on canvas and find that it helps with emotional, spiritual and cultural wellbeing. In late 2016, I entered my 1st art competition called "pathways to justice" for Victoria state government, department of justice and regulation and to my surprise I won, my artwork is now the feature of the Victorian Government "Koori employment and career strategy calendar 2017". It is also used in employment advertising for Department of Justice and Regulation. This has given me confidence to be more public with my art and enter in more competitions and displays. I am currently trying different styles and mediums such as clay moulding and wood working.
Along with my wife we are also researching and learning about the Plangemaireener people from the Ben Lomond nation in Tasmania, so my wife and foster children can enjoy their culture the same as I am. Our culture, traditions and spirit are providing us as a family to heal and to keep healthy.