Late last year, Murray Arts delighted in the characters and the orchestral sounds of Victorian Opera's tale of The Pied Piper...and trying to find all the recognisable faces in the community choir! Victorian Opera are back in the Border and North East VIC region, with yet another great opportunity for local performers in the staging of Hans Christian Andersen's 'The Snow Queen,' a tale of dark magic, the power of friendship and the triumph of good over evil! Revisited in a new Australian work by local composer Gordon Kerry and writer John Kinsella, the World Premiere will be staged exclusively at The Cube Wodonga and is sure to capture the hearts of the local community. It features groundbreaking 3D digital scenography (we can't wait to discover what that entails!) and once again, a wonderful community chorus. This new Australian production strengthens Victorian Opera's ties to regional Victoria and engages with local performers across the Murray Arts footprint.

Tickets to The Snow Queen Friday 7:30pm 3 November and Saturday 4 November 2017 can be purchased at the Cube Wodonga box officer or online HERE.

We asked Gordon Kerry our infamous Feature Artist questions...

Vegemite or honey? Butter

Sunset or sunrise?  Sunset in autumn, sunrise in spring.

Melbourne or Sydney? Melbourne, mostly.

Local Flavour - What inspires you most about living in the Murray region?
Beautiful landscape, four real seasons, my garden, good friends and community.

The Working Life - What would be your top 3 tips for someone dreaming of a career in the arts?
1) Listen/read/watch as much of other people's arts as you can.
2) The greatest talent is tenacity, so develop a daily routine for working.
3) Don't feel defined as a person by your work - it might not go well all the time.

What can audiences hope to expect from Victorian Opera's The Snow Queen? ... Without giving away any spoilers!
Approachable tunes and words; colourful orchestral backing, a great story about love and courage (with a girl as hero), exciting 3D scenography will give it the effect of a video game or 3D movie! A terrific chorus of local kids and adults who have been working hard to be part of the show.

Image credit: top image; Gordon Kerry and Elizabeth Hill, Children's Community Choir and Adult Community Choir in rehearsal, all photos by Beata Bowes, Victorian Opera