Ben Simpson is an internationally recognised photographer and the owner of a successful marketing company. Bens photographs come from his belief that images are the most effective method of communication. His works have been used in campaigns around the world.

"Ben lives locally and travels the length and breadth of this country as Australia's premier livestock photographer. Not bad for a self-taught photographer who began by breaking in bulls!

In 1996 Ben became the General Manager of an exporting company in Holbrook, specialising in livestock, semen and embryos. One major component of his position was marketing which became a passion. He now owns a thriving Marketing company employing 5 fulltime creative members.

There were a number of factors that had led Ben in becoming a leader in Australian livestock photography. He was honoured as a Royal Show Cattle judge. As such his ability to discern and genuinely understand the defining characteristics of these magnificent beasts was not only appreciated but developed. There was also a paucity of livestock photographers who could portray in their images a connection with their subjects.

These combined factors with Ben's passion for marketing were his main drive to capture the definitive image. He strongly believes images are essential conduits to communicate the marketing message. As a result his amazing career took flight.

Ben's ability to engage and document animals which can inflict harm or death in seconds goes beyond the act of simply "taking the shot". These images are not staged or taken behind a fence then photo-shopped. They are Authentic. They are Unique."

"... a groundbreaking and evocative collection.
It is beautiful and bold.
It is raw and sophisticated.
It is serious and playful."

Martha Satchell (excerpt from the 'Bull' opening speech)

'Man+Beast' is the final exhibition of Ben Simpson's overwhelmingly successful photographic series following on from 'Bull' and 'Horse'. This exhibition studies how humans are affected by their interaction with animals. These unique images are full of life and colour, and truly capture the essence of dealing with wild animals.

For more information on Ben or his upcoming exhibition 'Man & Beast' contact:
Martha Satchell
Phone: 0407343528
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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